Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 222

In Korea, couples celebrate two two day :p.. to 'celebrate' 22 days of being together :p.. but I am 'celebrating' day 222..

Yesterday (21st Jan 2014), was the 222 day of my #slowlybutsurely #azreenFitness journey .. Nothing much to write on this day as I wrote most of my difficulties on previous post already (I think so :p) ..

So today let's just let picture do the "story" :)

December 2008

February 2009

January 2011

January 2011

July 2009

July 2009

Jun 2009

April 2012

April 2012

May 2008

October 2008

September 2012

December 2010

July 2012

September 2012

These were all Me :) .. Looking back at all these pictures, I was always not a fan of taking picture of myself since I was very very big :) ..

andddddd this is me on my 222 days of my weight loss journey ......

I have lost 31kg++ so far and we are still 29kg away from my ideal weight... (yeah.. if I manage to reach my ideal goal, it will be a total of 60kg shed....) ...

Still a long way to go.. but we are one step closer day by day :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

What I achieved in 157 days ....

I've been "drafting" loads of things I wanna write in the blog as an effort to "relive" the blog again... and since I have loads to update actually.. but then again, I am very good in "visualizing" the idea but not implementing it.. teeheehee..

But today I feel like writing... cos I've been eager to write a very long post in FB.. so rather than looooonggggg status, might as well I 'pour' it all here... :D ..

I've started my weight lost journey seriously 157 days ago.. When I 1st weighed at the gym with the help of my PT, I was officially declared almost 100% obese in the level of obesity ... I can't recall the percentage as I forgot to take the picture of the TANITA slip . In simple understanding, I was almost double my ideal weight.. So u can imagine how DEAD Heavy I was... But nearly 2 months after I started the journey, on the 1st of August, my "Degree of Obesity" was still 92.4% .. shocking right?? :-o .. At that point of time, I lost 10kg of my fat ..

So yesterday, after 156 days working out and improving my eating habit(s) , I weighed myself and my "Degree of Obesity" has reduced to 64.6% :) ... Yippiee... Yes I am still obese, but I am still on the journey to lose more and more fats .. I've lost almost 25kg of fat (with 1kg plus out of it was "Fat Free Mass" ... my precious muscles :( ) .. but most of the mass lost was fat and I am totally satisfied .. :)..

It was not that easy to "burn" all the fat.. It is a result of hours of sweating in the gym and daily calorie counting ... But luckily I "met" (not literally of course :p)  with Kevin Zahri and his concept of balanced diet. Though I did not entirely follow all the calculations (as I later found myfitnesspal ) , but I followed his concept of eating all in balance and moderation. So I do not have to skip avoid rice or any other carb(s) but I just have to learn how much I can eat in a single serving .. Due to this, my weight lost journey has never been a stressful journey :) ..(or at least not stressed due to unable to eat this and that) ..

Along the way, there will always be "someone" who will make statement(s) such as "Eh, bukan U diet ke?" , right when u are eating ur "once a week" cheat food like Nasi Lemak or Brownies .. These people just don't understand the meaning of Balance "Diet" and yet simply want to use it .. So Next time, I'm keeping the definition of diet .. so that next time we can have a quick "education" chat :p .. So if u know me, please make sure u do not make such statement whether jokingly or seriously ... :p .. I eat basically everything, just that now we are learning to choose which is good and which is bad . But once a week, I will always have a cheat day where I eat what my heart desire .. hihih .. But i think i do not specifically limit a whole day for "cheating" except during hari raya .. ehehe.. The rest of the days, If i suddenly crave for Ice Cream, I sometimes will get myself an ice cream.. But I learn to choose the one with lesser calorie .. (hihih)... As my PT once said : Do not make eating like emotion .. ( i forgot his exact wording though), but i think he meant, not to go to the extreme of not eating .. and yes, I eat if I feel like eating, but now I know how much i need to burn at the gym if I over eat.

So for now (for this entry) , if people ask me how do I lose weight?

My answers are simple :

1. Balanced Diet Everyday .. Limit a fistful of carb each serving, make sure you have protein and Vitamins as well :).
2. Count your calories and Log every single food you eat DILIGENTLY!! If you fail to do this, then it is hard for you to know what went wrong..why you are not losing weight and all .
3. Workout whenever u can. But workouts can never out"do" your food. Workouts won't work if you fuel your body with bad fuel.
4. Read more ... :)

Just for my motivation , these photos should show what I've achieved so far :

March 2013

April 2013

September 2013

4th October 2013

28th October 2013
29th October 2013

1st November 2013

11th November 2013

Hope I remain diligent and motivated until I can reach my target weight :) .. By the way, who ever reading this before January 2014, I would really appreciate if you guys can vote for me in order for me to be in the running to win few personal training sessions ... Click HERE to VOTE.. TQ so much in advance .

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Buses n Trains

Suddenly out of nowhere... tetiba teringat lagu nih.. hahaha

Happy Sunday all.. :P

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Once Upon a time ....

Ermkay.... Sudah sangat lama tidak menulis... maka bakat menulis perlu di 'asah' kembali.. ahhaha..

I've been through so many 'journey' for the past 30 years of my life(haha :p) and 'loosing' weight is one of them .. But I've never really seriously work on it.. except few years back when I tried "HealthPointe" where I ate more protein food and lesser carbs .. and I have to eat every 2 hours of my waking time..

It was working great.. By end of 2 cycle of the programme, I lost about 15kg in total.. But this programme comes with 'tonnes' of supplements that I need to buy 'have'. Cost aside, I need to prepare for my every 2 hours snacks.. so to cut long story short .....I did not continue the programme and to make things worse, i gained back the kg that i lost and many more.. hahaha sad sad .. :)

So then I started working shifts.. Where my eating hours change every 2 weeks.. 2 weeks working at night.. 2 weeks during the day.. so you can guess how my eating habit changed yada yada yada .. my weight was at the new 'range' 3 digits.. woo woo.. That heavy!!

In between those days up till this year, I've tried joining gym and being me , I was consistent for a period of time and then, that's it.. The gym membership was left 'idle' ... and 1 'sunny' day, i've decided to visit FF in Avenue K. The initial plan was just to visit cos at that time i bought a month gym membership at CF in Wangsa Maju...

But then, the membership consultant managed to 'get to me' and so I joined FF.. Still at that time I was not 'that' serious. I was thinking, well occasionally i can visit the gym after office hours. So what happened?
When i started my journey at FF end of May, I was made to believed that it's compulsory to buy took Bodyfirst session and boy it was the best decision :) .What's good about this is, you have to pay in advance for the 3 personal sessions and in order for you to get the refund, you need to at least attend the gym 8 times in a mont and for 2 straight months and of course to complete the 3 sessions within 2 weeks time.

With the thought that I need to at least be at the gym 2 times in a week, I committed myself to make it happen. Then I received the email from mr Trainer. As per my previous experiences from previous gym(s), the 'free' PT sessions doesn't really left any good impression to me ..So I was not that excited for the session.But then I met mr T, Jody and the 1st session was great. In a week i've completed all the 3 sessions.

Since I was very Happy with the 3 sessions, I've decided to continue the and subscribe more..

I'll tell u more on the decision to take PT on my next entry :) ...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hello World!!

Hahaha.. Title poyo.. Ini lah akibatnya bila sudah sangat sangat lama tidak menulis....

Since today, I am just writing to break the loooooooooooooooong silence, so here are quick updates :

  • Japan Trip was Awesome... It was few months back ( kannnnn?? lamanya tk menulis...)
  • I've been thinking to write since came back from japan... about the trip details.. yadaa yadaaa... but up till now, nothing happened :p
  • so then....... I've been thinking to write about my current new "activity" ... but still no progress yet (on the writing) ...
  • but for a short update, I'm currently in a progress to loose HALF of my current bpdy weight.. hihihihi .. Yerp.. you read it right.. Half of my current weight.. So far, as you can see from my banner, it's going quite well :)..
  • Never before this I thought that I would ever hire a personal trainer in the gym, but this time I did.. and I'm glad that I did.. 
  • Hoping that I can write about my 'journey' in details one of these days :) ..
Till then...... Cheriossss!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

16 days and counting down..!!

Since my blog has "re-migrated" from WP to BS, I have yet to write a proper entry.. I have a habit of publishing print screens from my "note" to Instagram n fb.. SO tonight, instead of doing that, I've decided to use the "effort" for my "lonely" blog... ehehheeh

Tonight (before midnight), I have 16 days more before my trip to Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto.. Weeeeeeee...

So these past few days, I've been surveying some itineraries that might be interesting.. Thanks to my dearest Sahab, most of my itinerary plan in Japan has been arranged accordingly. <3 .. Which is why , I only searching few other things that might interest me, so then I can ask my adviser.. hihih..

Among few of my concerns are the weather. I was hoping that spring would really be there when I visit.. (tee hee hee). Being a bit disappointed during my last visit to Korea last year, (I Visited Korea last year around the same time of the year), I was hoping I would be a bit lucky to enjoy some "spring environment".. So I surveyed for the weekly weather for neighboring area that I planned to visit.

Sources : Accuweather

Kyoto  3rd Mar - 21st Mar 2013

Osaka  10th Mar - 21st Mar 2013

Kobe  3rd Mar - 21st Mar 2013

Most of the sites forecasted that "Hanami" will start by 25th Mar.. Which is to my disadvantage since my visit period is within 13th Mar - 18th Mar 2013.. But then, my hope went high again when I see that before Cherry blossom, there are also Plum blossom or Peach blossom as well..

Will I be lucky enough?? Pray Pray.. :D